July, 2011

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Dealing with Daylily Aphids

I grow a lot of daylilies, I have grown a lot of daylilies for years. This year I have had an infestation of daylily aphids. This has never happened before, I’m not sure why I was spared previous years, or hit this year. I think maybe the high rain earlier in the summer allowed the […]

Detroit Area Homeowner faces Jail for Front Yard Vegetables

Being in Michigan, (though thankfully not Detroit) I am somewhat familiar with Detroit. The city is basically a hole, miles of abandoned buildings. It has suffered under decades of big government mismanagement. It is the only city in the US to surpass 1 million people, but then fall below that, and in fact it’s population […]

Weeping Larch, Larix decidua ‘Pendula’, Like a big Bonsai

Somewhat as a followup to my previous post Niwaki: Bonsai in the Garden, about training unpotted garden trees in a bonsai fashion, today I bought a weeping larch. Long time readers of this blog will I know that for years and years I have wanted a Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, Paul James had one on […]

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