July, 2006

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Hot and Humid

I haven’t been posting much because I haven’t been gardening much, it has just been too hot and too humid. Our heat index has been between 90-100 for the past week. It also sucks because I can’t even take good pictures of my garden to blog about things (and I like to have pictures with […]

Weeding Concrete Cracks

So I was driving down the road yesterday and saw this poor women hunched over viciously tearing out the weeds in the cracks of her driveway. Unfortunately this lady must not be big on gardening because she didn’t know there is a better way. I like to use RoundUp or another herbacide to do it. […]

My Babies are Born

I’ve had an exciting week. After 18 months my daylily seedlings have bloomed (2 of them anyways). Here is one and here is the other. Hybridizing daylilies is a fun and easy activity to try. Each daylily has a single pistil, or female part, and multiple stamen, or male parts, sticking out of the bloom. […]

Pictures of My Garden

I’ve posted pictures of various plants in my garden, but never really large shots showing you exactly what my beds look like. However, since my beds are starting to look really good, I wanted to share, so here are some big pictures. This is a picture of the bed that curves along my back fence. […]

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