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My New Garden Fence

My new garden fence is done, and I am excited. I now have over 5,000 sq/ft of dedicated fenced gardening space, and an over 1,000 sq/ft chicken run. I will be planting it in two weeks. Yes, two weeks. I even saw a daffodil blooming yesterday, I’m going to like living in the south. I […]

Dealing With Deer Eating All the Leaves Off My New Fruit Trees

I have moved, previously I lived in town with no deer problems, now… I live in town with no deer problems. However I have property where I’m building a house up in a relatively rural area, and there are deer. Because I am such a gardening fanatic I have been planting fruit trees up there, […]

Squish This, Not That: Confusion over Bugs

Sometimes a little bit of knowledge is a bad thing. I’ve talked, multiple times, to novice gardeners, hobbyists (and, lets face it, I’m a hobbyist too, I don’t have a degree in horticulture, I am not a professional landscape architect, but I’m a garden blogger, gardening is serious business to me), laypeople, or just people […]

Growing a Bee Friendly Garden

In the inland empire of California is a vast stretch of hundreds of square miles of almond trees. Every spring 1.6 million beehives, 60% of the managed beehives in the country, are trucked to California to pollinate these almond trees. It is the largest pollination event on earth, and is responsible for 80% of the […]

How to kill moles

I hate moles, really I do. I know there are people out there that probably do not condone killing any animal, even moles, I’m not that type of person, but if you are, I can respect that, though this blog post is not for you. Personally I like animals fine, I try to encourage animal […]

How to keep mosquitoes out of your yard and garden

With West Nile virus in the news I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking about mosquito control. Even though where I personally live we’ve had a significant drought and the lowest bug summer I can remember, there has still be one West Nile case in my county and with little kids I do worry, […]

Why I hate rodents

I think all gardeners must grow to hate rodents. In general I hold no ill will towards animals, but just don’t be a nuisance to my garden. I’ve even, in the past, naively, encouraged their habitation in my yard. My how I’ve changed. In the picture you see my 3 year old, Finn, and what […]

Red Hot Poker – Something not to grow, and bunnies.

When I first got into gardening I was attacted to large blooming perennials, and planted mostly those. I have come a long way since then, namely I appreciate things like edibles more, interesting foliage, and length of bloom time as much as bloom shape, size, or color. But sometimes that interest in large blooming perennials […]

Rogue Climber

I awoke to a disappointing sight the other day, some fiend had meandered through my front yard, pooping, and eating leaves off plants. This would be bad enough, but what is worse, it tried to climb up my honeycrisp apple tree, and then I assume out onto the two lowest scaffold branches, and it broke […]

Found a Large Egg in my Garden

So, I am out mowing the lawn and I see a large egg in one of my raised brick beds. It immediately jumped out at me, so I’m sure it hadn’t been there long, or I would have seen it previously. It is a big egg, maybe a little bigger than a chicken egg. It […]

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