May, 2006

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Iris Update

As I reported previously my irises hadn’t bloomed for a number of years and were not going dormant during the winter. So what I did was give them all a haircut to try to simulate dormancy and well, either it worked or the irises finally stored up enough energy because they’re all blooming nicely now. […]

Fledging Robin Visitor

The other day I noticed this fledging Robin in my back yard and I went out to say hello. He was very well camouflagued and had I not seen him move I would never have noticed him. He wasn’t that scared of us but I believe they’re instincts are to stay still to avoid notice. […]

Sick Rhododendron

I went and bough 2 3-gallon rhododendrons at Lowes back in April. One was a pink variety, one was a red variety. I already have a pink one and so I gave the new one to my Mom for Mother’s Day and its doing fine and flowering for her. The red variety I planted myself […]

Baby Cardinals

As part gardening I (and my wife joins me in this) try to attract birds to our backyard. My wife likes birds, and I do as well but mostly I appreciate the good they can do for a garden by eating insects and whatnot. This Spring a family of cardinals made a nest in one […]

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