March, 2009

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Kudos to Stark Bros

My first plant of the year has arrived, a ‘Goldcot’ Apricot Dwarf from Stark Bros, and I need to sing their praises. I’ve talked up Stark Bros before, mentioning them as my favorite place to get fruit trees, but they beat themselves in quality this time. This dwarf apricot was around 4 feet tall, and […]

Japanese Irises are Better than Bearded Irises

There can be no discussion, the Japanese iris is superior, in fact, I think I hate bearded irises now, and they used to be my favorite flower. Bearded Irises, Falling Down on the Job So, seriously, what kind of slob falls down on the job? The bearded iris, thats who! These beautiful flowers used to […]

My First Bloom

Lo and behold yesterday I posted that I didn’t have anything blooming yet, and then bam, this morning, a crocus! Two actually. My first blooms of 2009, and it happened on garden blogger bloom day. Last year the crocuses did not start until April, so this year things are faster, but in 2007 it was […]

Early Onions and the Miracle of Microclimates

I’m a little sad. I read these garden blogs of people to the south of me, even one state south like Indiana, and low and behold, they are gardening! They have things blooming, they are planting, and woe is me for I am not. It isn’t that I’m even in northern Michigan, I could drive […]

Low light, Houseplants, and Health

I’m laid up right now with a hurt back again, not much I can do, sitting hurts, doing anything active hurts, I can lay in bed with my laptop and an icepack. So, figured best to get some blogging done. One topic that has been on my mind a lot lately is houseplants, I always […]

Aerogarden International Basil

I’m still not a big fan of my aerogarden (see my aerogarden review. It would seem to me that mine has a defect as the back right pod, no matter what I plant in it, NEVER performs well. Also, the arm height for the light is woefully too short, I know I can buy an […]

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