July, 2008

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15% off at Park Seed

So a week ago Wayside Gardens announced a 15% off sale, this week it’s their sister company Park Seed. Lasts the whole month of August apparently.

15% off all orders at Wayside Gardens

Got this coupon in the mail, for 15% off all orders. Code is AUG15, gotta click the link I think, and expires August 15. Maybe order one of Waysides Sumbucus Nigra “Black Lace” which I’ve blogged about a few times. Really, a nice plant. Also, $50 off $199, 50FALL08, expires 7/25

Escaped Asparagus

I thought this was internesting. So we have this wetland preserve thing behind our house, it is encased on 4 sides by suburban sprawl, including major 4 or 5 lane streets, it is probably around 1 square mile altogether, with a walking path running through it. There is a lot of wildlife that call it […]

Updates: Garden Labels and Ditch Lilies by the Road

I’ve decided to give updates on two of my older posts. The first one is this old post on garden labels. It was one of the first posts I ever did. The post is dated January 29th, 2006, the label in the image is at least already a year old, and it is now mid […]

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