April, 2007

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Stop Rabbits (and Deer) from Eating Shrubs in Winter

This isn’t the most timely advice, it would be best in the Fall, but I’m posting this in Spring because it is on my mind. Also because I noticed a lot of my blog traffic is from people searching for advice on this. I don’t really have deer where I live in town. However I […]

Get a Gardening Hat

2 weekends ago it was amazing. We finally kicked the cold weather problem and had 2 days of beautiful, warm, dry, weather. I did a lot. I installed a new garden bed with around 150 large retaining wall bricks. I went through around 100 bags of dirt and 100 bags of mulch doing that and […]

Ask a Question, Get an Answer

I’m not a master gardener, but I’d like to be one day, and of what I know, I think I know a great deal. Anyways, in checking the statistics for this blog I noticed many people visit here looking for answers to specific questions, questions that may not have been answered already in the blog. […]

Using Plants with Contrasting Foliage

I wrote a new article today on using plants with contrasting foliage. Check it out. This is the first article in what will be a series. Now that I’ve laid the general groundwork I will go back and tackle specific plants for each popular foliage color such as red, blue, and yellow.

Pruning a Pear Tree

Last week when I was doing my spring gardening tasks one of the things I did was prune my pear tree. I figured this would be a fine time to review how you are supposed to prune trees. First of all you are supposed to prune deciduous trees in very early Spring when their buds […]

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about the weather right now. We had a very warm end of March and it got everything off to a great start, 3 weeks earlier than last year, and now we have this really horrible cold snap with lows around 20, wind chills in the single digits and highs in the […]

My Big Pot Broke

I have a thing for large urn-like containers. Small containers are alright, but I vastly prefer large ones as they create more of a statement in the garden. The only times I really like small ones if when they’re clustered around a large one. Anyways, late last summer I bought 2 large clay pots from […]

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