October, 2009

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San Francisco’s New Composting Law

I just heard about this on the news. Apparently today a new law in San Francisco took affect, enacting the strictest trash ordinance in the country. Everyone either has to compost at home, or get a separate bin to put their compostables in for curbside pickup, or be fined with fines starting at $100 for […]

How to Propagate Hydrangea

I love big mophead hydrangeas, they do really well in shade or part sun, and get big bright flowers on them. They don’t do well north of where I am, but I’m pretty much at the northern border of where you’ll reliably get blooms every year, so I can grow them. I always want more, […]

Stalking the Purple Potato

I love the idea of purple potatoes. Antioxidants and various other nutrituiets are often marked by color and flavor. Foods that are colorful, like blueberries or pomegranites, or butternut squash, have nutritients. Also, foods that are flavorful, cinnamon, nutmeg, most spices. The stronger the flavor, the darker the color, the better it is for you. […]

Squash, Frost, Babies, and Kiwi

I’ve been a busy bee. Not blogging though. My last post, prior to this one, was July 30th. On August 1st my wife went back to work, which left work-at-home dad (aka me) as sole caretaker during the day for our then 2 month (now 4 month) year old son. I’ve hardly had time to […]

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