April, 2006

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Using Ditch Lilies to Fill Spaces

We have some bad neighbors, they don’t take any care of their house or lawn, they’re constantly being cited by our city’s ordinance enforcement department for things like having grass that is too long. No one on our block likes them, when we moved in we heard nothing but bad things about them from all […]

Wayside Gardens Coupons

Got this coupon in the email today: * Deal: $15 off $100 Wayside Gardens order * Coupon Code: “mail order plants” * Expires: Friday, April 21 During the checkout process look for “Enter Bonus Codes Here” Coupon code is required to get discount. I used it, bought some of a nice new hosta, ‘Orange Marmalade’ […]

My First Blooms

To the right you’ll see my first blooms of the year, and like most people my first blooms are crocuses. These have actually been blooming for a couple weeks but I only just got around to taking pictures because we’ve had some cold and rainy weather. Crocuses are bulbs (technically corms but everyone calls them […]

Another Coupon from Parks

I got another email coupon today. Deal #1: $5 off $50+ Park Seed order Expires: April 17, 2006 Coupon Code: “buy plants online” Enter coupon code during Park Seed checkout process

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