June, 2011

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Niwaki: Bonsai in the Garden

Sushi is about the rice, not the fish. This is why a California roll, which contains no fish, is still sushi, but sashimi, which is just a slice of raw fish, is not. So while most people immediately associate the word “sushi” with raw fish, it is actually named for the rice which accompanies it. […]

Rogue Climber

I awoke to a disappointing sight the other day, some fiend had meandered through my front yard, pooping, and eating leaves off plants. This would be bad enough, but what is worse, it tried to climb up my honeycrisp apple tree, and then I assume out onto the two lowest scaffold branches, and it broke […]

Pinus Cortorta Taylor’s Sunburst Update

I first blogged about this tree last summer when I planted it, well after it’s spectacular Spring color had faded. So, it was definitely time to do an update, with the pretty colors, which have lasted, so far, around 8 weeks. The color is spectacular, just as I had hoped. This is basically a conifer […]

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