August, 2007

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Butterfly Bush

I’ve blogged about butterfly bushes, or Buddleia, before, but I felt the need to do so again today. You see, I went outside and noticed no less than 10 large monarch butterflies on one of my bushes. I tried my best to get a picture of them all but it wasn’t working well, the best […]

Black Spot on My Roses

I’m no stranger to fungal infections on roses, it seems every year in late summer I get powdery mildew, it usually doesn’t cause too big a problem though and does hit all my roses. This year, I’ve not been so lucky. I had a massive attack of black spot that affected almost every rose bush […]

My New Tanyosho Pine

I went to Rome in June, read all about it here. I fell in love with the beautiful stone pines that dotted the landscape. They are a very graceful pine with no understory branches and an upside down pyramid flat-top upperstory. Unfortunately they are not hardy where I live in Michigan. Well, a few weeks […]

Deadhead your Daylilies to Make More Blooms

For me, July is prime daylily month, and July is now over. That means it is deadheading time. Truth be told I deadhead constantly as I wander around the garden but this post is meant to remind others to do it, not myself. You see, many popular daylily varieties, possibly ones in your garden right […]

Other uses for garden planters

Containers are fun, I particularly like large ones, they add crucial structural elements to your garden, and allow you to microtarget a specific plant’s needs. You don’t need to stop with plants though to find use for them. A container without a draining hole can make a small fountain with the addition of an inexpensive […]

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