April, 2015

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Mantis Tiller Review: Making Quick Work of My Garden

So I’m sure we’ve all seen these commercials. The Mantis tiller, plowing through soil, I never bought into it. My only memory of using a tiller was when young, at my parents, a big tiller, twice as big as the mantis easy, and it’d have trouble breaking through the soil. Plus in the commercials it […]

First Flower of Spring 2015

On March 31st I noticed the first bloom of the Spring, a crocus as always, same spot as last year. The first bloom last year was also March 31st. Here is my Michigan Misery Index over time: 2009: March 15th 2010: March 16th 2011: March 15th 2012: March 10th 2013: Forgot 2014: March 31st 2015: […]

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