June, 2012

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Growing Mullein in the Garden

I had a volunteer mullein sprout in a crack in my stone walkway (at the end by some rocks) last year, and despite it being considered a weed by most, I left it, and this year I am rewarded with a great show. Why not grow this plant on purpose? Many actually do, it has […]

White Clover Lawn

What if I told you there was a way to have a greener lawn, that needed less water, less fertilizer, attracted beneficial insects, and yes, it would be greener? Would you believe me? You should. White clover is the answer to this riddle. A white clover planted lawn is sometimes called an ecolawn, you simply […]

Cut Down My Cherry Tree

A couple days ago I cut down my cherry tree, and unlike George Washington, I didn’t feel bad about it. I bought this tree in 06 or 07, and it grew like crazy, lots of wood, lots of leaves. The caliper (diameter of trunk) on it flew past a pear tree I had planted in […]

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