Sick Rhododendron

May 24th, 2006

I went and bough 2 3-gallon rhododendrons at Lowes back in April. One was a pink variety, one was a red variety. I already have a pink one and so I gave the new one to my Mom for Mother’s Day and its doing fine and flowering for her.

The red variety I planted myself in a new small raised bed I built. It is on the north side of our house so it gets very little sun. I came back from our vacation and noticed it was sick. It apparently rained every day we were gone and continued for a week after we got back more or less and so I think it might be fungal, but I’m not sure since this progressed very fast. It certainly isn’t drought though.

I’ve sprayed it a few times with some Ortho Garden Disease control and the rains have stopped and the decay has not progressed any further, so thats good, but still most of the leaves on the plant (those that haven’t dropped) are signifcantly brown on the margins.

It looks like it is still going to bloom atleast, but I worry about it’s long term health.

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  1. Administrator  Says:

    Still blooming strong, leaves still dropping though. I do see some new growth coming and these leaves look healthy so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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