Juvenile Cardinal Fearless & Frolicking

August 31st, 2010

Cardinals mature very fast, just a week ago (maybe less) I saw this cardinal learning how to fly, it had just left the nest. Yesterday, while filming something else, he came to visit, and got really close to me. Since I had the camera ready I decided to film him, it is so rare to see cardinals at this stage of development since they are at it only for a short time.

This little guy had no fear of me, and at one point flew down within inches of my feet. Watch the video below, or at Youtube for HD. Also included are partial shots of my water feature, and this just underlines another reason to have a water feature, they attract wildlife like nothing else.

One Response to “Juvenile Cardinal Fearless & Frolicking”

  1. Nebula Haze from GrowWeedEasy.com  Says:

    Your background is a haven! I feel compelled to get some running water in my backyard now! Very cute video.

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