June, 2006

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Park Seed Coupon Code

New Deal: 15% off a $50+ order from Park Seed New Coupon Code: “park discount ” Expires: July 14, 2006 Enter coupon code during Park Seed checkout process

60 Bags of Mulch

I had 60 bags of mulch delivered from Lowes this morning. The picture is 20 bags of 3 cubic feet each and 40 bags of 2 cubic feet each. I have in the past gotten a full 60 bags of the 3 cubic feet and that pile was significantly more. This time though I got […]

‘Eden’s Paintbrush’ Japanese Iris

My first japanese iris began blooming today. Called Eden’s Paintbrush I got it from Spring Hill 2 summers ago and it is finally blooming. Sure, Spring Hill is cheap, but no one has ever accused them of sending large plants. I really enjoy the japanese iris flower forms. Their standards (those are the up-petals) are […]

I must be doing something right…

Last night on our back deck we saw a raccoon. Now I live in the city, I have my entire backyard surrounded by a privacy fence, and overall my lot is only 90×160. Yet in my backyard there are families of 3 different kinds of squirrels, a family of rabbits, chipmunks, scores of birds, and […]

Another Wayside Coupon

15% off $75+ order from Wayside Gardens Coupon Code: “wayside discount” Expires: June 30, 2006 Enjoy!

Irresponsible Watering

So I’m driving back from a weekend at my parents house in one of the worst rain storms I can remember yesterday. It was pouring, practically no visibility at some points. We get off the freeway and I drive by this row of condos and guess what, their sprinklers are going. This is wrong for […]

Petunias: My Favorite Annual

I wrote a new article today, all about petunias, enjoy! (and yes, since I decided to turn my more article-like blog posts into actual articles I’m going to just be linking to them instead of reposting them here.)

Backyard Gardening Site Launched

I have finished my new site. Backyard Gardening is an article driven site on gardening. It includes a Gardening Forum. This move might seem odd to most people. This blog is not very old nor altogether that popular, so expanding it may seem premature. However publishing websites is what I do for a living (since […]


The blooms are coming! The blooms are coming! Yesterday, I had my first poppy bloom. Today I had 2 first daylily blooms (Stella de Oro & Happy Returns). Also today I had my first rose bloom. I’m excited. There are many plants in my landscape that have never bloomed for me (recent purchases) and most […]

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