September, 2008

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Fall is for planting….. Fruit

Fall is for planting they say, you’ll see it all over when you go to the nursery or look at mail order catalogs, and why? Well, despite anecdotes about Spring showers, Fall actually has more rainfall AND the ground is also warm. Which all told makes it a good time to plant something, especially trees […]

Pear Tree Down

So, a couple weeks ago (I’ve been so busy it has taken me this long to blog about it) I woke up to a sight… my pear tree was missing it’s trunk. Planted in 2003 this tree was getting fairly large, and bore a good deal of fruit this year. It was around 7 feet […]

New Wayside Gardens Coupon

New coupon for Wayside Gardens I got in my email. I get a lot of plants from them, they’re good people.

One Massive Sunflower

On a whim I saw this packet of seeds at the store for “Massive” sunflowers and bought them. I put them in various spots in my landscape, here and there, and boy, are they massive. The leaves are absolutely huge, the stalk is atleast 3 inches in diameter, and the flowers are massive as well. […]

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