Backyard Gardening Site Launched

June 5th, 2006

I have finished my new site.

Backyard Gardening is an article driven site on gardening. It includes a Gardening Forum.

This move might seem odd to most people. This blog is not very old nor altogether that popular, so expanding it may seem premature. However publishing websites is what I do for a living (since I can’t get paid to garden) so I knew I would end up going this route eventually and sooner is always better than later so I did it now.

Currently there are only 9 articles on the site, but I plan a few a month at least. Also if anyone wants to write articles for the site, let me know. Finally I would of course appreciate backlinks and forum registrations from the lot of you. Be sure to checkout the forum gallery its a good way to share pictures of your passion.

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