February, 2008

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Golden Yellow Ground Cover for Shade

I have a beautiful laceleaf japanese maple with crimson foliage in a shady corner of my yard, and by shady I mean, really shady. It is in a corner between my shed and a large spruce, so that it literally gets 0 sun, except maybe around the Summer Equinox it might get a little. Anyways, […]

New Wayside Gardens Coupon Bonus Code

This one is pretty good. $15 off $75. IF you spent $75 on the dot that makes it 20% off. I buy a lot of stuff from Wayside, they tend to provide good plants of good size, nice selection too. They’ve also made good for me repeatedly when a plant came dead or died shortly […]

AeroGarden Review

My wife got me an AeroGarden for Christmas. I had seen these before, and even was offered a gig consulting for the company with their Internet marketing, but overall held off because of our cats, and their penchant for eating anything I try to grow indoors. My wife though was, apparently, willing to sacrifice for […]

Park Seed 10% Off Coupon

This is a really good coupon, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them offer such a nice coupon before. Especially if you’re like me with the potential for placing a really big order. Normally their coupons are like just $5 off, or a free plant (that I’m sure they’re way overstocked in) this though, 10% […]

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