Irresponsible Watering

June 19th, 2006

So I’m driving back from a weekend at my parents house in one of the worst rain storms I can remember yesterday. It was pouring, practically no visibility at some points.

We get off the freeway and I drive by this row of condos and guess what, their sprinklers are going.

This is wrong for two reasons:

1. It is an obvious waste of water.
2. You’re watering late in the evening, which is the worst time of day to water, as leaving plants with wet leaves overnight is a contributing factor for fungal infections.

Sprinkler systems are great, but lets leave the automation out of it. Most automatic sprinklers are turned on more often than they need to be to begin with. It is not that hard to turn them on manually when the grass or plants need it. You’ll save water, which will lighten the load on your wallet and help mother nature.

If you’re truly lazy I believe that there are rain or moisture sensors you can install that will automatically turn on your sprinklers but only when needed.

Plus, no one likes being laughed at, and I’m willing to bet everyone who notices those sprinklers running had a little chuckle.

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  1. Jen  Says:

    My municipality actually has a bylaw forbidding the wasting of water (for example, using a hose to wash the driveway or waterng the grass while it’s raining.) If someone is reported, the bylaw person shows up right away and fines them. Apparantly the worst offenders are in the wealthiest neighbourhoods.

    There are also restrictions about when we can water (7AM-11AM and 7PM-11PM) and on what days (every other day for gardens, once a week for grass.)

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