June 1st, 2006

The blooms are coming! The blooms are coming!

Yesterday, I had my first poppy bloom. Today I had 2 first daylily blooms (Stella de Oro & Happy Returns). Also today I had my first rose bloom.

I’m excited. There are many plants in my landscape that have never bloomed for me (recent purchases) and most should be blooming soon. In fact any day now one of the most expensive daylilies I own should be blooming for the first time.

What is blooming in your neck of the woods?

One Response to “Blooming!”

  1. frugalgardener  Says:

    We’ve got the tail end of all the rhododendrons here in the Pacific NW, they usually last a bit longer, but we’ve had some torrential rains that left most of the blossoms on the ground.

    My lillies are blooming too, my iris are already done. My roses are all gloriously blooming as of last week. First time I’ve had roses & I’m loving them!!

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