January, 2013

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Extend the Harvest: How to Freeze Kale

I’ve blogged about kale a lot here, I really like it as a crop. It is a super food, incredibly healthy, and easily tucked into many many dishes. It is also easy to grow, and easy to harvest all summer long just a few leaves at a time. It also lasts through some serious cold […]

How to Store Butternut and other Winter Squash

I recently reorganized my pantry to make more room for canned goods. This left me with an issue in regards to my winter squash. I can put up, maybe 30 a year in the fall with my current small city lot. I was putty them on shelves but they take up a lot of shelf […]

Orlando wants to fine homeowners for gardening

More true tales of government run amok. As a proponent of gardening, gardening in your yard, and yes, even in your front yard I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog how I think front yard farming is the thing to do. I won’t write long on the topic yet again, but rather merely summarize. Lawns […]

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