‘Eden’s Paintbrush’ Japanese Iris

June 24th, 2006

My first japanese iris began blooming today. Called Eden’s Paintbrush I got it from Spring Hill 2 summers ago and it is finally blooming. Sure, Spring Hill is cheap, but no one has ever accused them of sending large plants.

I really enjoy the japanese iris flower forms. Their standards (those are the up-petals) are much smaller than the typical iris. Their foliage also resembles gladiolus more than the typical tall bearded iris we see so much of.

They come in a variety of colors, one, called Shogun, is a vibrant red. I’ve tried growing that one too but no luck so far. This one is a variegated purple and white.

It also only just started blooming which puts it a few weeks after other irises stop blooming. To give you some perspective it started blooming around the same time as my lilies (which seem late this year).

I’m a sucker for interesting and unique flowers and while tall bearded irises are everywhere, these are not, and I think thats a big reason why I like them.

3 Responses to “‘Eden’s Paintbrush’ Japanese Iris”

  1. Patrick  Says:

    Hope you’ve had more than a few dealings with gladoilus… We’ve inadvertently let the flowers go to seed pods but have no idea how to handle, store and germinate the seeds. Know an answer to that one? Wunderfull garden!

  2. Administrator  Says:

    The thing about seeds is that they will not grow true to parent. Meaning that your seeds won’t look just like the parent.

    In general though, harvest the seeds when the plant is ready for you to do so (when the seeds start falling by themself) then store them in a cool, dry, place out of direct light and start them indoors in late winter or outdoors in spring once all danger of frost has passed.

    Also the seeds of a bulb plant like gladiolus will not flower their first year, possibly not even their second year, so in general people don’t save such seeds and just buy larger plants from nurseries.

  3. woof001  Says:

    It’s beautiful.
    Attached is Japanese Iris in my garden.


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