August, 2008

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Bean Leef Beetle Damage

I can’t catch a break with my bean plants. Earlier in the year it was slugs, which I handily dispatched with a cold beer. This time however, I have bean leaf beetles, and the solution is not so simple. I know I have bean leaf beetles because instead of having large holes, I have many […]

Lunaria Annua ‘Money Plant’

I got this plant courtesy of my grandfather, it is one of his favorites and always grew at his house in a large mass planting. This is one interesting plant with many phases for you to enjoy. It is a biennial, which means it lives for two years and then dies. The first year it […]

How to Grow Raspberries

I’ve blogged about raspberries many times before, which you’ll see in the “related posts” links at the bottom of this post. But I don’t know if I ever really went into depth as to how I grow them. In anycase, now is the time. First, a little bragging. This picture was taken like the second […]

Zucchini Plants Dying from Squash Vine Borer

So, I tossed two of my zucchini plants in my compost tumbler yesterday, when pulling them up I didn’t need to uproot them, the squash borers had basically destroyed the main stem to the point that the top of the plant was hardly connected to the roots at all. I knew it was squash borer […]

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