April, 2008

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Three Rivers Stone and Stepables Sedum

I want to share a couple recent purchases I made for my garden, specifically, for a water feature I am building that I should be able to share in a week or 10 days. The first is this gorgeous rock called Three Rivers Stone. I was at the stone place and wanted some boulders 12-18 […]

Better Gardening Through Science

I wrote a new article today, Better Gardening Through Science, check it out. It covers milky spore bacteria, mycorrhizal fungus, and water absorbing polymers. All essential tools for today’s modern gardener.

Selling Some Ditch Lilies

I’ve previously blogged about ditch lilies here, and now I’ve got quite a few extras and am selling them on ebay for cheap. Ditch lilies, also called tiger lilies, or common orange daylilies, are a species form of daylily. Hemerocallis fulva. Each plant has pleasing lighter green grass like foliage and 3 foot high flower […]

Perennial Lettuce?

It has been so nice getting out and gardening this past week now that weather has finally warmed up. You do not realize how much joy, or the sense of peace, it gives you until you get to flip that switch from being stuck inside to being able to go out. Anyways, in inspecting my […]

Naturalizing Crocus in the Lawn

Finally Flowers. Michigan had an abysmally cold February and March and all the bulbs and other plants were delayed, I heard that even one state to the South things were on schedule, but up here this is the latest start I remember in recent time. But finally, things are waking up, and up first of […]

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