January, 2006

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A Label! A Label! My Kingdom for a Label!

I view garden labels as a necessity. I like to know the names of things, because I know one day I’ll want to move something, or dig it up, give it away, or maybe even sell it… none of which will be easy if I don’t know the name of the plant. If you have […]

Asters or Mums for Fall Color?

I bought two plants from Lowes in 6 inch pots in the fall of 2004. One was labeled Beth, a mum (short for chrysanthemum). The other was Wood’s Purple an aster. Both asters and mums are daisy-like flowers known for their fall color, meaning they bloom in the fall when others are not blooming. Over […]

Snow Insulates Plants

I’ve heard it many times, snow insulates. Both plants and people (eskimos live in it afterall). If you’re stuck outside in the winter, burrowing into the snow can save your life, and a heavy snow cover can also save your plants from the biting cold of winter. Its said that when winter starts with a […]

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