June, 2008

Below are links to articles posted in June, 2008

Grow Potatoes in a Trash Can

I recently blogged about growing your own food to save money and did not mention potatoes in that post because by a pure dollars per acre metric potatoes tend to not save you as much money at the market as other crops. However, what if you could grow potatoes without needing to sacrifice any garden […]

Sambucus nigra. “Black Lace” Elderberry Update

So here we are about 9 months after I first planted this bush and I thought I’d give an update, because really, I have so much more to say. I first blogged about Sambucus “Black Lace” when I first got it, so while I could talk about the colors whatnot, I couldn’t tell you much […]

Beer, Beans, and Slugs

Due to the rising cost of food I’ve been adding a lot more edibles to my garden this year, and am growing some for the first time, including, bush green beans. Having never grown green beans before I did not know what to make of damage that was all but killing my young sprouts. The […]

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