June, 2007

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A Border of Happy Returns Daylilies

My back garden is looking great again this year and I attribute much of it to my row of “Happy Returns” daylilies. Remember, a daylily is so named because each bloom lasts only for 1 day, and yet each day this row is covered by atleast a hundred blooms, and such blooming power will last […]

The Gardens of Rome

I just got back from a week’s vacation in Rome. The ruins were nice, the art, it was all good, but I really liked the landscape. All over the area we traveled around Rome (though not so much in Florence to the north) there were these massive pines I had never seen before. Turns out […]

Barberry, a great shrub for the landscape

There is something to be said about barberries. They do not have beautiful flowers. Their scent can be bad. Their foliage, though nice, is beat by other plants. And yet I find myself thinking of them as one of the best bushes for the landscape. The reasons? Sheer growability. Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) are hardy […]

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