Selling Some Ditch Lilies

April 11th, 2008

Perennial LettuceI’ve previously blogged about ditch lilies here, and now I’ve got quite a few extras and am selling them on ebay for cheap.

Ditch lilies, also called tiger lilies, or common orange daylilies, are a species form of daylily. Hemerocallis fulva. Each plant has pleasing lighter green grass like foliage and 3 foot high flower spikes that flower in early summer to late spring. These plants spread very quickly using underground runners (unlike normal daylilies). They are tank-hardy, they will take anything. Which is why as I explained in my previous blog post I am using them to fill up the space between the sidewalk and the road.

I would not recommend planting these in among other perennials as they can take over, but if you have a defined space you want to fill, ditch lilies are a great (and cheap) choice. You can also just always plant them in ditches or in the middle of your lawn and then keep them in bounds with a mower, no edging needed.

7 Responses to “Selling Some Ditch Lilies”

  1. Lauren  Says:

    I was amused by the term “ditch lily” but really, those lilies are very lovely.

  2.  Says:

    Was the bed covered by leaves and other garden debris? I have often had lettuce live through the winter if it was covered with leaves

  3. Lori  Says:

    Hello – Do you have any ditch lilies for sale this season? The only ones I can find online are $1.77 per plant which seems a little high.

  4. Administrator  Says:

    NO I do not, but wait a few weeks. Many people don’t sell them until they divide them in Spring, which’ll be April/Mayish probably.

  5. susan wiseman  Says:

    could someone please let me know when you may have the “ditch” lilies for sale..I need alot of them…(50 or more)Please email me @ seven…Thank you

  6. susan wiseman  Says:

    correction on the email is…Please email me when you have some ditch lilies for sale, thanks

  7. jean kopecky  Says:

    I am starting a garden and would like to buy several ditch lillies? Are there any for sale or where can I purchase them? Thanks

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