First Flower of Spring 2015

April 3rd, 2015

On March 31st I noticed the first bloom of the Spring, a crocus as always, same spot as last year. The first bloom last year was also March 31st.

First Bloom of 2015

First Bloom of 2015

Here is my Michigan Misery Index over time:

2009: March 15th
2010: March 16th
2011: March 15th
2012: March 10th
2013: Forgot
2014: March 31st
2015: March 31st

Winters have been getting both colder and longer lately. 2014 was just horrible. 2015 had a warmer early part of the winter, but the cold lasted so long and dragged out well into Spring, we had snow falling less than a week ago still. I enjoy recording these dates, it lets me see patterns in my garden over time. I think perhaps I should start recording dates for other events, such as trees blooming.

This is the last time I’m going to be doing this for Michigan though, we move to Tennessee this summer. My flowers will come up in February or something, how nice will that be?

5 Responses to “First Flower of Spring 2015”

  1. Joanne  Says:

    OMG, I could send you a million ehugs! I, in zone 6, can relate! This time two years ago my Redbuds were in full color and the Goldfinch males were decked out in their bright yellow and black “Look at me!!!” colors. This year and last, I agree, we gardeners have taken a beating…but, alas whilst I will still be here this time next year…you will be enjoying the joys of a verdant spring. Oh how you brag! THis time next year, I will be looking forward to your posts to brighten my days! All the best to you

  2. Donna  Says:

    I just found this blog as a Michigan gardener and it is so relavent. I’m dissappointed you will be moving but it should be very interesting to see you deal with the climate change in TN. Good luck!

  3. Scentsy Katie  Says:

    The first sign of spring is a magical moment. I’m in Utah and the flowering trees, daffodils and tulips are in full bloom.

  4. Dave  Says:

    So glad I live in Australia where I don’t have to worry about the cold climate 😀

  5. Mark  Says:

    Winters have been gettting harsher here in Grand Rapids area, also. My first bloom was in april. Enjoy your early blooms in Tennessee, good luck.

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