First Flower of 2012

March 13th, 2012

My first bloom of 2012 has surfaced. A crocus as normal, this time out by the road. Though a yellow crocus again.

It bloomed on the 10th, which is early.

In 2011 my first bloom, also a yellow crocus was the 15th. In 2010 it was on the 16th, in 2009, again a yellow crocus, it was on the 15th. In 2008, which had a really cold Spring it wasn’t until early April. That is the extent of my records.

So it portends a slightly longer growing season to have it come a week earlier than the recent norm this year. Should get better yields on my fruit trees and vines, if a late cold snap doesn’t freeze off the buds. That is always a risk with an early Spring. The trees get all excited and start flowering and then a freeze comes and kills all the buds, vastly reducing or eliminating the fruiting potential for many plants for a full year. But a warm Spring is a good thing, so long as it lasts.

9 Responses to “First Flower of 2012”

  1. Lissa  Says:

    Wow you must be further north than me. If you look at my blog you will see mine came up about two weeks ago. Also yellow. The purple and white ones just emerged this week.

  2. Kristy  Says:

    The first brilliant splash of color in the early spring! They always make me smile, thinking that summer is now just right around the corner.

  3. Christy  Says:

    I am waiting on my blooms to happen. I am in zone 7 and still have not seen even a crocus bloom. I have several things that look to be on the verge of blooming but no color yet. 🙁 I love reading your blog, btw. Lots of good information. Thanks for writing.

  4. melissa  Says:

    Yellow were the first for me as well! Followed by purple and lastly white. The white ones don’t seem to last as long? Do you find the white ones wilt earlier? I just posted some pictures of mine you can see the white ones look sad.

  5. The Big Wiggs  Says:

    I’m waiting for my flowers to finally bloom… I planted them about a month ago and they’re growing, just now blooms yet! I dont know exactly what kind they are.. just some wild flower variety here in Texas. Yours look nice though, good job!

  6. Niki  Says:

    Ohhh what a lovely yellow! I have a few in the garden but they are purple 🙂 I really like them …so little but beautiful!

  7. john evans  Says:

    Great picture of the flower in first bloom,you say it is early when do they normally bloom.

    I do hope you dont get tha cold snap you refer to in your article.

  8. James Mann  Says:

    We had a few days that hit a high of 20C and melted most of our snow. I saw one little crocus poke through the soil and a day later it was buried in snow again.

    It was another week before it melted again and now we have the Crocus popping up all over the place again.

    It sure says spring to me.

  9. Patricia  Says:

    Thats not a crocus. It’s Eranthis, or Winter Aconite. It’s a member of the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). They bloom earlier than Crocus.

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