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January 3rd, 2011

If you read my blog you know that Stark Bros is my favorite place to buy fruit and nut trees, they have an excellent selection and quality products. I have bought numerous trees from them over the years.

They recently sent me three coupons to pass along, so I’m going to do that here. The coupons are for $5 off $50 or more, and each can only be used once. Not the greatest coupon in the world, but I figured someone might want one. So the first three people who use them, will get them, as it were. If you try the first code and it is rejected, it means someone already used it, so try the next one, etc. It’d be helpful if people commented when they were used up, so I can edit the post.

If you don’t know what you should get, let me make a recommendation. Buy a honeycrisp apple tree. The apples are huge, and delicious, my favorite apple. Plus, they’re expensive. Around here they’re $3 a pound at the store, double what other apples are. The stores charge so much because people are willing to pay it, they’re delicious. The Cadillac of apples. If you’re going to grow apples, might as well grow the most valuable kind eh? Stark’s has them in dwarf, semi dwarf, and normal varieties. So there is a size for every yard.

The coupons:

Promo code: 11CA1005
Coupon code: GROW-8RBBAUR6W6WDY

Promo code: 11CA1005
Coupon code: GROW-Y34WX4VVQXDSL

Promo code: 11CA1005
Coupon code: GROW-6SC9S5TCBXHC8

5 Responses to “Stark Bros Coupons”

  1. GJ  Says:

    More Stark Bros coupon codes:
    Promo code: 11HB1056
    Coupon code: GROW-GH98QHLVVLFZQ
    Promo code: 11HB1056
    Coupon code: GROW-QUP3DC56YLJDA
    Promo code: 11HB1056
    Coupon code: GROW-B6SZEL8YCDSNN

  2. abby jenkins  Says:

    Honey Crisp! I don’t usually think of my favorite apple until the end of the season….have been wanting to plant a few and this year seems to be their year! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Mrmandias  Says:

    All the coupons in the post and the first comment have been used.

  4. On Blogging  Says:

    Is it possible to grow apple trees in the south? I believe they need cool climates, but I was just curious if you knew of any varieties that could be grown in the south.

  5. paul swinton  Says:

    There are several good varieties of apples that will grow in the South, where it’s tough to get the chill hours that most apples need. Rather than give you names, I’d suggest you check with local nurseries and tree farms for cultivars that will fruit down there. The only one that comes to mind immediately is TyTy Nursery in Georgia, and I’m not sure if they carry any or not. But there are some….

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