Baby Robin Photo Diary

May 22nd, 2010

I actually took these pictures in 2008, but only just now am getting around to blogging about it.

In 2008 some robins built a nest in a barberry bush just outside our kitchen window, and so I was able to monitor it daily.

May 26th

I first noticed a single egg on May 26th. By June 1st there were 3 eggs, so apparently robins do not lay all at once, or even on the same consecutive days.

June 1st

By June 9th they had started hatching. First two, then the third.

June 9th

They continued their growth and I could watch their parents feed them from our kitchen. Here they are, 5 days old.

June 14th

Finally, just 2 days later, look at the growth spurt they put on, adult feathers are coming in.

June 16th

That was the last picture I had of them, the next time I looked they were gone. Apparently Robins will hop out of the nest at 10-13 days old, but they do not know how to fly yet, and I remember seeing a fledgling robin hopping around shortly thereafter. Still, they need two weeks to learn how to fly after leaving the nest, that has to be the most vulnerable time for a baby robin. Especially if you’ve got neighbors who do not understand why they should keep cats indoors.

One of the nicest things about building a nice garden if you’re also building a nice habitat for wildlife, and while we battle with the wildlife as well, seeing their life cycles is fun. Just the other day I watched a male and female red finch (which are rare around here) flirt with each other, and we’ve had cardinals build nests before, and robins. Even before this robin nest there was a fledgling robin in our yard for awhile and I helped protect it and fed it some worms and raspberries. I’ve also stumbled upon baby rabbits no bigger than the palm of your hand. I can’t wait to share that with my kids when they’re a little older.

10 Responses to “Baby Robin Photo Diary”

  1. Lisa  Says:

    Oh the adorable awfulness of baby birds!!!

  2. cklimen  Says:

    Do you know if Blue Jay chicks exhibit the same behavior regarding jumping from the nest weeks before being able to fly? We had a nest full, now it’s empty and I know the chicks were still small. I hate to think what would probably happen to them here where we live; there are wild critters everywhere – never mind out outdoor cat!

  3. Tina  Says:

    Two weeks ago a pair of robins built a nest 15 feet from our front door. I hope our new family is as happy as yours. You have inspired me to document the event. Thanks.

  4. Beyond My Garden  Says:

    The photo of one egg in the nest is beautiful. Art from both you and the robin

  5. Steve  Says:

    Great photos. We have a bluebird house in our backyard. It has a side that flips up to reveal the contents of the inside through a plexiglass. It did well during the first few years, then our cats started to notice it, then the bluebird parents started to notice the cats. So, no new nests this year.

  6. Alan  Says:

    Takes me back to my childhood. Robins eggs are a very special blue color. Beautiful.
    Thanks for a great post.

  7. Marta Ratajszczak  Says:

    Those photographs are amazing – how fortunate of you to witness such a thing!

    The one of the two baby robins outside of the shell with one remaining in the egg – how adorable!

  8. jennifer  Says:

    I wanted to share that there is a jeweler in my town who encases robin egg pieces in silver and glass. She works in silver, gold and glass. They are so beautiful just because robin egg blue is so gorgeous.

  9. ashlie  Says:

    I am takeing care of some

  10. cheeto  Says:

    4 baby robins just hatched yesterday in my backyard! wow! i have been accidentally scaring away the mother though. They are soooooo cute!

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