Split Trunk Repair Update

April 10th, 2010

Last Fall my favorite tree, a forest pansy redbud, was damaged in a wind storm and ended up with a split trunk. In that linked to blog post I detailed my methods for fixing the damage.

The tree made it through the winter and both halves are still alive, but growing at different rates.

Below you can see the flower buds from the winning half of the tree. They’re fully swollen and will open any day now.

The other half of the tree, the half that had fallen down and that now has less trunk attachment, it is growing, and is alive, and is still reattached as I made it, but it is growing slower. In the below picture you’ll notice the buds barely growing out of the branches.

These pictures were of course taken on the same day. Obviously I think the amount of cambium left attaching the weak side of the tree to the trunk is unable to fully support it at a normal growth rate, or at least, at the same growth rate as the strong side of the tree. I may need to do additional pruning on the weak side until I reach an equillibrium between the growth and it’s energy supply. But, regardless, the tree lives, and that is the important thing.

5 Responses to “Split Trunk Repair Update”

  1. Lewis Beldock  Says:

    Love this site. Would you like to become link partners? Please email me.

  2. Kjirsti  Says:

    Redbuds are one of my favorite trees. They grow wild all over Ohio and I just love them. Your picture is gorgeous!

  3. sara  Says:

    Great job repairing the trunk! I did something similar with a beautiful bonsai tree I bought last year at Bonsaioutlet.com that suffered some puppy abuse, and I just noticed it budding all over, which made me so happy! I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the stock at Bonsai Outlet, as all of the trees I bought there are still alive, but every-time I buy a bonsai from the grocer, it dies. It’s almost like the ones at the grocer are fake. Have you ever done anything with bonsai?

  4. dee  Says:

    I have a redbud that is one of my favorite trees. I have had it for four years now and it has always done great, buds beautifully in the spring and is growing very fast. This spring it has not budded yet (by now usually has) and it looks like your picture above…tiny brownish buds that are not doing anything. I am afraid it is dead. What do you think?

  5. Carol  Says:

    Hi Dee:

    The redbud I have is 3 years old and it has splits in the trunk (buds were coming out) but nothing yet. We had frost here in Ontario early May and I’m still waiting for some signs of life.
    Little shoots coming from the base of the tree, but nothing else…. ..

    I’m not sure if mine is dead either.

    Anyone out htere able to help!


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