First Flower of 2010

March 17th, 2010

In 2009 my first bloom was a yellow crocus on March 15th 2009.

This year my first bloom was a yellow crocus on March 16th 2010, though, in a different location.

That is pretty good consistency, though, last Spring it was really cold through the balance of March and April, hopefully we do not have a repeat.

My lilac already has almost-leaved-buds on it. Most other things have swelling buds, tulips are coming up, onions from last season are well up. So far, so good. In some years I’ve not had my first blooms until April, last year I was excited by the early blooms, but then the cold came. Hopefully this year mother nature isn’t merely being a tease.

3 Responses to “First Flower of 2010”

  1. wellrooted  Says:

    We had our first Crocus pot out in the end of Feb this year. About the only plants that have not been knocked back by the cold weather!

  2. cvanlang  Says:

    I got flowers competing to bloom just in time for Earth Day. Haven’t tried crocus. Maybe next year.

  3. Live To Garden  Says:

    Great Picture! I live in southern Canada and were just getting our first blooms now – it’s easy to forget about winter when spring is in full force! Love your blog btw,


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