Pictures of My Front Yard

May 28th, 2009

My front yard is looking really good this year, and I thought I would share a picture. Here it is circa May 23rd 2009.

My Front Yard

Click the picture to see it bigger. The two smaller beds are brand new, I’ve got two dwarf apples and a paw paw tree planted in them, as well as some vegetables. In the big circle center bed I’ve got a tanyosho pine surrounded by alliums for the time being. Later I will plant squash there, as the squirrels instructed me last year apparently it is a good place for squash.

I’ve got a red maple in the small circle coming up out of a bed of frothing yellow lysimachia ground cover. Then within the bigger bed itself I’ve got an upright blue juniper, some red barberries, a black lace elderberry, lilies, daylilies, yucca, and in bloom all over you see carpet phlox.

Way up by the road you can see the pre-bloom ditchlilies I used to fill the space between the sidewalk and the road.

Next year or this fall, whenever I can afford it, I hope to put in a stone patio between the two larger beds in that S-shaped strip of grass. Something informal with a low groundcover going through the cracks.

10 Responses to “Pictures of My Front Yard”

  1. Anne  Says:

    Wow, this looks awesome! You’ve done a really nice job with shaping your beds with the pavers, and the variety of plants is stunning!

  2. morello  Says:

    i love the color composition. dominant fresh green, really refreshing.

  3. Betty  Says:

    Your yard looks great! I especially like the stone work. It makes your yard interesting by adding height and dimension. The garden plants highlight the design.

  4. Marla Davis  Says:

    That front yard is really manicured and pretty. I really like the borders and have thought about getting those myself. One thing I found as the war against bugs lately is instead of spraying or wearing bug guard against my skin is the new Off clip on. You just wear it around your waist or clipped on a pocket. It really works! And we have lots of insects in yards her in hot and humid NC. Great yard design.

  5. Lawn Mower Reviews  Says:

    You have an almost perfect lawn as well! Very nice yard!

  6. Country Koi Fish Farm  Says:

    Yes great job with your landscaping indeed! I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

    Keep up the great work! I’ll check back to see if you do anymore this year.


    Jamie Boyle

  7. Jay Chua  Says:

    This is nice & indeed very creative in decorating your yard. Thumbs up for me 🙂

    I wonder how much time you spent in designing those beautiful layout. I am particularly fond of the “Boomerang” central shape design. Really making good use of space.

    Jay Chua

  8. Holly  Says:

    This looks really awesome… my husband and I are actually using it for inspiration for our own (small) front yard.

    I have a couple of questions though… did you use 12″ or 8″ landscape stones? Also, do you know the circumference of the smallest raised circle?


  9. Administrator  Says:

    12 inchers, and 4 foot outsite diameter.

  10. Diane Mumm  Says:

    Your landscaping is beautiful, very neat looking.. Would love to see this updated..

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