My First Bloom

March 15th, 2009

Lo and behold yesterday I posted that I didn’t have anything blooming yet, and then bam, this morning, a crocus! Two actually. My first blooms of 2009, and it happened on garden blogger bloom day.

Last year the crocuses did not start until April, so this year things are faster, but in 2007 it was the first week of March as I recall. So slower than 2007. Still, this bodes well for the year as a whole. Last year everything was so late I practically had tulips and lilies blooming concurrently.

Oddly, all previous years the first crocus was a purple, this year it is yellow. Today was a good day, I got out to do some yard work, I did pruning mostly. I pruned my pear tree, removing a lot of crossing or inward-growing branches. I pruned my kiwi and grape vines as well, and cut down my ornamental grasses. I also decided that to grow more food this year I’m going to put in two more raised beds, probably 4×12 each, giving me almost 100 more sq/ft of edible plantings. This beds will be on the north side of the house so not as much sun, so I will plant veggies that do not need as much sun such as cauliflower, beans, brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc.

5 Responses to “My First Bloom”

  1. Jan  Says:

    what makes crocuses change its color? You said last time was purple and now its yellow.

  2. kerri  Says:

    How lucky to have your first lovely crocus bloom on the 15th! I can’t remember which of mine bloomed first last year. I think it was the purple. We’ll see what this year brings. I’m not even seeing their leaves yet. Thank heavens for the snowdrops!
    Carol has suggested we visit the 4 people on either side of us because she has 150 participants this time, which is far too many people to get to. I think it’s a great idea and it gave me a chance to discover your blog. It’s nice to meet you 🙂

  3. Rose  Says:

    Lucky you to have crocuses blooming on Bloom Day! This is so ironic, because mine weren’t blooming that day, and I had decided that they must have been carted off by squirrels. But what did I see on the very next day–crocus blooms! Just goes to show you that every year in gardening is a new adventure.

  4. Wolfgang Loss-Wells  Says:

    Well you are lucky to already be enjoying the blooms of springtime! Up hear in Canada the snow is still covering the ground, flowers are still something that we will be enjoying inside for a while longer.

  5. Blogspired  Says:

    I discovered crocus a week or so ago, too. What a nice surprise, after a long winter! (I posted a photo here:

    My sister planted crocus around my parents’ gravestone, too. I love knowing that they bloom every spring.

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