Escaped Asparagus

July 17th, 2008

Escaped Asparagus

I thought this was internesting. So we have this wetland preserve thing behind our house, it is encased on 4 sides by suburban sprawl, including major 4 or 5 lane streets, it is probably around 1 square mile altogether, with a walking path running through it. There is a lot of wildlife that call it home, including 3 or 4 deer.

Anyways, walking back there the other day, for the 300th time I’m sure, I noticed something… some tall feathery asparagus stalks coming up from the weeds. Then I noticed two more small patches back further and to the side.

I came back home and did a little research and turns out it isn’t uncommon for garden asparagus, and this was garden asparagus, to escape and populate areas of the wilds. True wild asparagus is not as tall as what this stuff was.

I found other sites that recommended trying to spot wild or escaped asparagus in the winter when everything has died back and the bright brown dead stalks are easier to spot. Then, mark the spots where it grows and in the Spring you can trek out there and get free asparagus. Even though I have actual asparagus in my garden I may consider doing that next Spring as free food is free food.

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable, one of the few, and it definitely shows the plant’s vigor and resiliency and evolutionary success to see it outcompeting the surrounding weeds and growing as high as the stuff in my garden. Those tender stalks are apparently stronger than they taste.

2 Responses to “Escaped Asparagus”

  1. Spotty Boxes  Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep my eyes open for free asparagus!

  2. James Mann  Says:

    Wild asparagus. I have never seen it growing anywhere around here but then I haven’t actually looked for it before now.

    When I go fishing mid summer I get to eat a lot of wild strawberries and raspberries. I don’t have any trouble spotting them along the river banks and railway tracks I frequent.

    I periodically come across an old homestead that has long since been deserted and find over grown bushes of berries. Found some gooseberries and currants a few years ago.

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