My Big Pot Broke

April 1st, 2007

Big Broken Pot I have a thing for large urn-like containers. Small containers are alright, but I vastly prefer large ones as they create more of a statement in the garden. The only times I really like small ones if when they’re clustered around a large one.

Anyways, late last summer I bought 2 large clay pots from Lowes, one made in Italy (I thought they both were) the other apparently made in Mexico. Since it was late summer I did not plant anything in them or fill them, I just placed them in the garden. Come winter I covered them up in place with vinyl grill covers. Being around 200 pounds (I’m guessing… okay maybe 150) they aren’t exactly mobile. But I figured that protected from moisture they would be okay. I also figured that they were outside all summer at Lowes in the rain, and that they wouldn’t sell something that wouldn’t do well in a Michigan winter so they must be durable double-fired pots.

Well, last week I took the covers off and the one made in Italy was fine, the one made in Mexico had a big ole crack in it and was flaking apart in other places. It completely fell apart when I tried to move it, and examining it it was flaking apart like a mud brick, almost as if it hadn’t even been fired fully once, yet alone twice.

The pot was around $130 and I had never even gotten anything planted in it so I was pretty bummed. However the price tag on the lower section of the pot actually survived (proof it was adequately protected from moisture) so I loaded up all the shard and took them to Lowes for a return. They gave me store credit (all I really wanted, spent it the same day) no questions asked. I literally brought a cart full of pot shards to the return desk of something I had bought around 9 months previous and they gave me store credit.

People often talk badly about so-called “big box” retailers like Lowes, but honestly, that kind of customer service is hard to find and we’ve consistently gotten it at Lowes. We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars there redoing our house & yard and in the course of that we’ve had quite a few returns, and a few odd returns like the broken pot that most other stores would not take back, but Lowes has always taken them back without a problem.

So couple the good service with low prices and good selection and we shop there regularly. (for the record, I do prefer Lowes to Home Depot, all the price checks I’ve done put Lowes ahead).

5 Responses to “My Big Pot Broke”

  1. Sarah Hindeler  Says:

    Funny here in Australia Lowes sell only clothes, they are a budget store but like you mentioned place a great emphasis on customer service.

    Just also wanted to say you have an excellent blog here and I will be checking back often.



  2. Administrator  Says:

    I’m sure its a different store then. Lowes here is a huge national chain home improvement warehouse & garden center.

  3. Cultivators  Says:

    For us, customer service is a big deal. If a store has great customer service and staff then we will go back time and time again and the price becomes less of an issue. Friendly staff and average prices wins everytime over low prices and poor service.

  4. Kristi  Says:

    That’s great they allowed you to return it. I love big urn and pots for my garden as well. I’m always on the look out for a bargain.

  5. Carol  Says:

    I’ll shop anywhere with great customer service. Lowes has treated me well, for the most part. I’ve had a few difficulties, but they always tried to make it right.

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