Weeding Concrete Cracks

July 25th, 2006

So I was driving down the road yesterday and saw this poor women hunched over viciously tearing out the weeds in the cracks of her driveway.

Unfortunately this lady must not be big on gardening because she didn’t know there is a better way.

I like to use RoundUp or another herbacide to do it. They are very effective and kill the weeds for good. However I understand many people do not like to use chemical herbacides, so there are two other options that work well enough.

The first is boiling water. Boil a big pot of water, take it off of the burner and immediately outside and carefully (don’t want to splash yourself) pour it over the cracks. It will cook the weeds where they grow and they will die.

The second is vinegar. Simply spray vinegar on the weeds to kill them. Now vinegar isn’t always acidic enough, and you can buy a more acidic vinegar made specifically for this purpose, but plain old household vinegar often works great.

Then, to stop the weeds from coming back, you can sprinkle rock salt in the cracks. This will make the soil lifeless. You’ll want to be careful not to do it in your lawn or garden beds, but for those little cracks in the middle of your driveway, go ahead. Of course it will not last forever, but it should last a decent amount of time.

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  1. Ron wilson  Says:

    Great ideas on killing weeds.

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