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    I read something recently that said you should not plant right next to your house. The idea was to leave a few feet between the house and your plants, and then go further out with your beds. I don't know about everywhere else, but here in the south it seems like everyone has a tiny little bed right against their house, and then other plants in the yard. Sound like this would make a nice visual though. Any thoughts?

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    I think it depends a lot on what you're planting. Flowers should be ok but anything that will have more invasive roots as they get bigger like trees that will get under the house I'd think twice about. I'm not sure why they'd suggest that otherwise unless it had something to do with the water running off the roof into the flowerbed from the gutter being dirtier. (Lots of tar coated roofs out there. )

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    I have never heard this concerning flowerbeds but like the above poster stated I do know that you don't want to plant trees right next to the house.

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    Planting right next to your house holds moisture right next to your foundation so it is generally not a good idea, regardless of the type of plant!

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