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Thread: Pretty Fill In?

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    Default Pretty Fill In?

    I have areas around the front and back of my house that used to have plants in it but we didn't like them when we moved in and we removed them. Now the front seems so bare and I'd like to have something that is easy to grow and looks nice to line the front and back of my house. I live in NE Kansas and I'm guessing that if I want something there I should probably get started on it. Any ideas of things that would look nice?



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    Try finding out what your hardiness zone is first. This will narrow your plant choices considerably. If you don't want plants to care for, a fountain or rock garden my fill the areas nicely.

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    If any of the areas are shady or on the north side of the building, try some Hydrangeas, such as Endless Summer.

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    Default Thanks for suggestions...

    Thanks for the ideas. My front yard is to the North and although it's the front yard we actually don't do anything out front. Everything we do is to the South part of the house because our deck is out there and our driveway curves around so we come in and out of the South door. I would like to have the front look pretty when people drive by but the idea of a fountain sounds wonderful but I'd rather have it in the back so I can enjoy it . I'll have to do some thinking and checking. Thanks for the help.


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    Hi Dawn:

    I'm from NE Kansas also. These do well for me with very little water or effort.

    black eyed susans
    cone flowers
    autumn joy
    bee balm
    evergreen bushes
    snap dragons
    red bud trees

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    A selection of small shrubs and bushes which are of different green tones sound like they may be an easy solution for you.

    Or how about making a display of different potted plants which you can move around as you wish?

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    I like the idea of the variated shrubs Green-Moo! Shrubs take so little care and they add a sense of elegance to a home.

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    I have always loved Hydrangeas. I know we are going to get some shrubs this year and they are easy to take care of.

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    Default Pretty fill in

    I think planting various colors of shrubs look very nice, and maintenance. We did this in the front of our hose and it worked out great.

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    I like plain old petunias. They spread well and all you need do is deadhead them really to keep them flowering. I had them in both the ground and in containers where they did equally well. They could survive a TN summer and might be a good option for you too if you want something brighter than greens.

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