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    Default Squash Help??

    I am a novice to vegetable growing and to this point i have just been amazed at how quick my squash have grown.

    Everyday i go out to check on the vegetables and they seem to have gotten bigger overnight..its very cool to see and its certainly becoming a nice hobbie

    I have read a bit online suggesting that as it grows to over 8 inches it loses taste and becomes tougher..problem squash seem to be getting to that length and are still green/white and dont have that yellow colour! They also look and feel like they are still maturing and growing..

    Here is a pic, any opinions and suggestions will be taken on board! Im hoping that this learning experience takes me to the intermediate stage of growing come summer 2012

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    Starting to occur that i may have planted a different type of squash

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    well it depends on the kind you got, i have green zukini but i don't know much about them either just been reading since mine are seedlings. but there is all kinds and they all grow diff and respond to diff temps so you just have to know which one you got

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    Default Waltham?

    This looks like a Waltham Winter Squash, possibly? Do you know the variety?

    If it is a winter squash it needs to remain on the vine until it has reached it's appropriate skin color as well as appropriate size. Rind should feel hard when pressed. Harvest before hard frost.

    Once harvested, winter squash need to cure in a humid room with temp 80-85 F for 2 weeks. Then stored in dark at 50-55 F for 2-3 months.

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