So, I've got a major thrip problem! And, Tomato spotted wilt Virus has affected my entire crop of tomatoes, chillis and bell peppers. I'm starting the sad task of destroying my 30-odd plants.

(I've hung on for as long as I could, and sprayed with soap and done other organic methods, but the plants are too way gone now for saving). I'm pretty devastated, but need some practical advice about what to do now, because I pretty much want to get some new seeds in right away.

I grow in containers, because space and light are issues in my garden - so it's not so difficult to pull down the infected plants (all of them) and throw away the soil. But, I will have to put the containers BACK in the same positions they were in... give or take a foot or so.

I can bleach the pots, etc

Once I've done that and gotten new soil, what precautions can I take to prevent the next crop from suffering the same fate?

How do I prevent thrips?
Can they ''hang around''?
Can I get them in soil (the soil here is really bad quality, and not the 'western standard type compost' that I would be used to at home.
My garden backs onto a 12 foot wall, but on the other side of it is JUNGLE. Nothing I can do about that.

My last crop (my first ever) didn't get infected, this one has... will future crops have this problem too?

Any advice, please.