Nature Hills Makes Good

May 28th, 2007

My New Forest Pansy RedbudLast Spring, well over a year ago, I purchased a ‘Forest Pansy’ redbud from Nature Hills Nursery. It didn’t bloom that first year, so I couldn’t confirm bloom color, and the leaves were green, instead of the purple they are supposed to be. I gave it the benefit of the doubt though and thought maybe the bad colors were because it was a young tree. Well this Spring it bloomed and the blooms were white so I know I had the wrong tree, what I had was probably a ‘Royal White’ redbud, which is a fine tree, but not something I wanted. My siding is white, my fence is white, so I don’t much like white flowers since they do not pop in my landscape.. I called Nature Hills and they promptly made good on their mistake.

Initially they offered to send me a new tree, but I wanted a bigger one so I went to this large tree farm around 30 minutes away that had one and bought an 8 foot specimen. So I took store credit from Nature Hills instead and got some hostas.

Nature Hills did not require I know my order number, have my receipt, or send the tree back, though they did request a picture of it. I ended up giving it to a neighbor in exchange for a bag of homemade cookies.

I am extremely pleased with the tree. Granted, I haven’t been growing it long, but man the leaves are a nice color. They aren’t the crimson of a Japanese maple, or the deep burgundy of other red maples or barberries or heucheras, they definitely have a purple quality to them. Its a shade of red I cannot find in any of my other landscape plants.

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  1. Janice  Says:

    Thanks for sharing this positive shopping experience. I really admire companies that stand by their products and services, and that make it easy for customers to return items or get satisfaction otherwise.

    We also had a positve experience with Gurney Seed Company a few years back. They were offering sets by mail and we thought we’d try ordering our tomatoes through them. Unfortunately, they didn’t all survive the shipping. Gurney gladly and easily replaced them. Although I won’t order set through the mail again, I’ll happily order seeds and such from Gurney.

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