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Thread: Strange vine growing in Black Eyed Daisy

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    Default Strange vine growing in Black Eyed Daisy

    We have had a beautiful, healthy black eyed daisy in our rock garden for several years. The only problem is a thin vine, spaghetti like, grows all over it. Strands ands strands of this thin green vine just wraps itself all over it. We pull some of it off...but just wonder what it is and if there is some way of getting rid of it without losing the plant??? Thanks.


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    Do you have any pictures? How large are the leaves? What zone are you in?

    There are so many types of vines, it is hard to identify it based on it being thin.

    Generally though, what you'd want to do is not pick it off the flower, but find out where it is growing from and dig it up, you possibly may have to dig it up in multiple locations. You can also try spraying it with a herbacide like Round Up if there is a patch of it that isn't touching or near your flowers (you do not want to accidentially spray your flowers).

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