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Thread: Wet or dry feet for nut trees?

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    Default Wet or dry feet for nut trees?

    I am thinking about planting some walnut trees on the back of my property.

    However, I am concerned that water might be an issue. Several times a year there is several inches of standing water on part of the property. Usually for no longer than a couple weeks at a time...

    What conditions does a walnut tree need to prosper?

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    I just did a quick check at the arbor day foundation website:

    Walnut, Black (Juglans nigra)

    Prized for its nuts and attractive hardwood. Fragrant leaves. Likes deep, rich, well-drained soil; grows more slowly in drier soils. Grows to 50' to 75', 60' spread. (May self-pollinate, plant two trees to ensure pollination) (zones 4-9)

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    I was afraid of that. lol Thanks!

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