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    is there money to be made in almond trees? i was thinking of planting a couple of them in my 10 acre area.

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    I've been wishing I had an almond for years now. Dang cold weather.

    I don't know about growing these for economic value beyond what they would produce for your family. I know that I was paying 3.99 a pound for them roasted.

    The side product with almonds is honey as the trees need to be pollinated by bees. So you'll need a few hives of your own or enter a hive contract.

    I have worked on a cherry farm in northern Michigan for a few seasons. Shaking the trees and pulling tarps during harvest is hard work.

    Plant two or three trees and see what you get. Babystep into this. Worst case is you have a few nice flowering trees in the spring and a buffet for the squirrels in the fall.

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    thanks for the info,yea my dad has about 5 boxes of beehives.

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