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    Your long journey for exotic tiki decorum is finally complete. It is agreeable to see you arrive in such good health and high spirits. The wonders that await you are of untold splendor and magnitude. I hope your stay here is a pleasant one. You, and your party are welcome to rest at my home before you embark on your exploration of the Island. For your safety please stick to the path, and try not to startle the locals as they have a nasty reputation for collecting tributes.

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    Haha! Great garden tiki decorations!
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    Hi Guys, Thanks again for looking. Just finished the new Neolithic fountain bowl 2.0. I'll have to work on the name, but here is a little collection of photos from start to finish. Oh, and a quick video!
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    Nice. Are these in your garden?
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    Hello Miles, yes most of them are in my backyard. I do have a few friends with great tropical yards that I'll occasionally borrow for pictures. Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more!

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    Hello again, hope everyone is enjoying the season. Iíve been wanting to get some night photos of the new design, and was finally able to this last week. It warmed up pretty good for a few days, just enough to sneak in a late season bbq/photo session. I ended up doing all three tikis with different colored lights. Hope you enjoy.
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