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Thread: Looking for something for front of house

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    Default Looking for something for front of house

    I'm having front of house redone (driveway, front steps, brick wall along one side), and am looking for some plant/design ideas.

    Front of house faces NW. Live north of Atlanta, zone 7. Driveway is directly in front of house (drive up driveway toward front door and turn left into garage). Area looking for plants is between driveway and front of house, both sides of front door. If photo uploads worked, should give idea of what it'll look like. On right side, driveway will expand to right (about even with side of house), to give matching areas left and right of door in front of bay windows. Currently, planning to keep crepe myrtle (after trimming back a bit), but open to ideas here as well.

    Left side of front door is mostly sunny during summer once sun gets above house (6+ hours direct sun per day). Right side is shaded for much of the day by large oak tree (maybe 1-2 hours direct sun per day).

    With new driveway/brick wall, left and right side of the house will be same size, same elevation, but as above, different amounts of sun. Plants will be barely 2 feet below bay windows.

    Looking to put in plants (shrub? or other ideas?) as backdrop for flower beds. Thinking evergreen plants as backdrop, since this is in front of house, but maybe not evergreen?

    Bloom isn't necessary; easy care desired, i.e. do not want shrub/plant that has to be trimmed/hedged a couple times a year, would prefer small, slow growing that keeps under 2 feet tall even after 10 years.

    Soil has been amended some (compost, peat moss), but can be amended more if needed.

    Sprinkler system in place, so watering not an issue. Biggest issue is hot-hot-hot on left side, not so hot on right, humidity of Atlanta area, need for plants that remain below 2 feet tall. Searched lots of sites/plant references, but not sure what would really work in this heat.

    Ideas? both sides same plant? different plants on either side? other thoughts and ideas? Nuke crepe myrtle and do something else there? Any and all ideas will be appreciated.
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    I'm a big fan of succulents. They are very slow growing, and easy to maintain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chic-E-Tiki View Post
    I'm a big fan of succulents. They are very slow growing, and easy to maintain.

    Where did you buy the containers from?
    I've not seen anything like them at our local gardening shops
    Professional tree surgeon

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    Wow! Awesome containers. My mom would be glad to have it. Thank you for showing this.

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